How to Care for Your Hair System during Summer?

Summer is here. Are you handling the sun’s UV rays, chlorine, salt water and non-stop sweat when it comes to your hair system? It can be tricky to care for a hair system during these warmer months because hair systems are more likely to encounter issues like dryness, color fading, tangling and even breakage.

It’s important to know how to care and maintain your hair system to prevent these issues from happening. Today we will see what the common problems are and how to deal with them properly.


When you spend a long period of time under the hot sun, you might notice that your hair system lightens or develops a slight red or orange hue. This is caused by Oxidation. This is a normal process and will happen to your bio hair too.

Actions to help reduce oxidation to your hair system:

  • Wearing a hat, scarf or hold an umbrella when you go out
  • Apply UV Protection hair care products
  • Wear an old hair system

Protect your hair from Chlorine or Salt Water

Exposing your hair to ocean water or pool water can cause damage to your hair system if you don’t use any protective measures.

Actions to take:

  • Wet the hair before you go swimming to keep it from absorbing too much water
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner
  • Braid the hair to keep it from getting tangled
  • Shampoo and deep condition your hair after swimming
  • Wear a spare hair system

Weak bonding

Bonds usually break down more easily when the temperature is higher since you sweat more and creating more oils.

Actions to take:

  • Use stronger bonding function tape or adhesive. For example, if you typically use a tape that offers a one-to-two-week hold time, then opt for a tape that says it can last four or more weeks.
  • When you attach your hair system, try to do it in an air-conditioned room to make sure the bonding is seamless and successful.
  • Wear lace breathable base hair systems

Odor & Itching

The sweat and oil you produce in hot climates will build up bacteria and thus will cause odor and itching issues.

Actions to take:

  • Clean your scalp thoroughly before applying the hair system
  • Remove and re-bond the hair system more frequently
  • Use an Enzyme spray or deep cleaner spray on your scalp to eliminate bacteria, just as you would for oily skin on your face

By following these simple maintenance steps your hair system will continue to look and feel great throughout the warmer months.

Also we highly recommend you prepare a spare hair system for summer. When you go to the beach or a pool, wear your old hair piece, so this way your newer hair keeps fresh and it will take you no time to get ready to go out if you have a spare hair system.

Csaba’s Journey of Hair Loss and Hair Restoration with LaVivid Hair System

I used to have long hair during high school and college. I was always the long-haired kid and I always had the Beatles type of sideways hair.

Hair becoming thinner and thinner

I started to realize that my hair was becoming thinner and thinner at my crown area. I started to wear hats. I was super nervous the first time I actually cut my hair short and it’s not because I wanted short hair, but I needed to.

I had a new hairdresser and he recommended that I dye my hair blonde, so that the hair would blend in with my scalp and the thinning area wouldn’t look so obvious. I had a faux hawk hairstyle at the time but when I looked in the mirror, I never saw myself. It was like some other guy with my face. It got to the point where I had to accept the fact that I couldn’t hide it anymore.

Shaving my head

The hair loss was there, so I finally thought, why should I hide it? Why should I have to worry about it all the time when I have so many other things to worry about. I went to my hairdresser and told her to bust the whole thing off. I thought whatever happens, I will embrace it because this was the only option I was left with.

After I did it, it felt so weird. I looked years older than my age. I wasn’t sure whether I liked it or not. My scalp felt like sandpaper. I knew I would need some time getting used to it.

Trying on a hair system

One day I was contacted by a company called LaVivid hair and they offered me an opportunity to try a men’s hair system.

We had a conversation about which style I should pick. They asked about my lifestyle, whether I work out a lot and if I sweat a lot. They asked me about which color, hair texture, gray hair, hair density, and anything else I wanted. Finally, they recommended the full lace base system to me because it is more breathable, and summer was coming.

I got the package a few days later. I opened it and to be honest I was not sure how to deal with it. The hair was real human hair and it felt so soft. The system felt quite light too. LaVivid suggested that for the first time, I take it to a local salon for it to be properly applied and styled.

Then I successfully found a salon who had a lot experience in applying and styling men’s hair systems. I scheduled an appointment with them and was quite looking forward to the day I could have hair again.

My Hair is back

It was a great experience. It was pretty incredible, and I just kept looking at myself in the mirror because I was so happy about the hair on me. I will explain the whole process.

The base style has a default size and a default hair length, so it looks different when you receive it to how it will look on you. The base and the hair length needs to be cut down to size to fit to your head. The day before the installation, I went in for a measurement and they cut the hair piece so it would fit me.

On the day of the installation, they firstly shaved the top part of my head. We had a few discussions about using glue or tape to bond the system and we finally decided to use glue. They applied a layer of glue on my head and waited for it to dry slightly and then they applied more glue. Then they attached the system onto my head. After that they cut, trimmed and styled the hair to blend in with my existing hair.

We went grocery shopping on the way home, and no one looked at me strangely and I didn’t feel strange at all. I actually loved how I felt.


Two Week’s Wearing Experience Update

I wore this piece for two weeks and it was great. Eventually the edges of the base started to flip off and this meant that it needed to be cleaned and re-bonded.

To be honest, my first re-application process didn’t go very well. It was a lot more cumbersome than I had expected.

The adhesive residue on the lace base was not easy to remove and I wished I had used tapes instead of glue. Then I shaved my head and got a few spots of bleeding. I used tapes this time and I put the tape on the lace and unfortunately put the toupee on backwards, so I had to take it off and apply it again. For the second time trying, I didn’t put it on correctly and it shifted to one side.

Then I ordered some new and better tapes as well as some scalp protecting products. With a little experience on this, we finally applied it successfully and I love the result.


The wearing experience is totally epic

The reception with all my friends and my colleagues was incredibly positive. I was really pleased about how easily I got used to it and how easily people around me got used to it. I feel very much surprised how natural it looks after two weeks’ wearing. Everybody is saying that I look a lot younger now with the hair. It’s very easy to maintain. Showering and sweating in it is completely fine and it was crazy how quickly I was able to get used to wearing the headpiece basically 24/7.

I came to this experience open-minded and I’m so glad I did. My wife loves it too and she thinks it feels very natural and feels good.

The application process is going to become a lot easier when I’m used to it and I can get it done faster. I will keep wearing this hair piece and see how I feel about it, but so far, so good.

Which Hollywood Stars Are Wearing A Toupee?

Not all celebrities have the thick and luxurious hair that we see on TV in real life. In order to fulfill their roles in the shows, it’s not uncommon for celebrities to wear a hair replacement system or a wig to cover hair loss or thin hair to create a certain image.

Some celebrities have admitted that they were wearing a hair system while others still deny the fact that they are losing hair and wearing a fake one.

Among the Hollywood celebrities, have you ever wondered who is wearing a toupee or who has worn one to fulfill a movie or TV show?

Robert Pattinson

For certain scenes of the movie The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Robert Pattinson had to wear a toupee because he’d cut his hair short before filming. Robert Pattinson’s role as Edward Cullen required lustrous windswept locks that he simply didn’t have at that time. Inevitably he had to wear a toupee.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen had never admitted to wearing a hair piece, but this doesn’t stop the rumors. From some of his photos and in earlier years, it is seen that he has receding hairline at the temple areas while in other photos and appearances he has very lush hair and a healthy front hairline. Many people assume he is wearing a toupee or got a hair transplant.

Andre Agassi

Professional tennis player Andre Agassi revealed that he wore a wig for several years in the 90s and hid his hair loss from others. This caused him a lot of stress and he claims that he lost the French Open in 1990 because he was worried his wig would slip off in the match. “My wig was like a chain and the ridiculously long strands in three colors like an iron ball which hung on it,” he said. He now sticks to a shaven head.

Ben Affleck

Rumors that Ben Affleck wears a toupee started in the early 2000s. It is said that Ben’s wig fell off during a playfight during a Hollywood party and this sparked topics about Ben’s hair since then. Another rumor is that Ben got a hair transplant. However, these are just all rumors and Ben Affleck has not confirmed any to be true.

Matthew McConaughey

In an interview with David Letterman in 2001, Matthew admitted he had hair loss, but he used Rogaine to regain his hair back. There have been rumors that Matthew wore a toupee or got a hair transplant to get back his hair, but these are just rumors and medicine can be effective for some people.


Donald Trump

It is a total mystery whether Donald Trump wears a toupee or not. There are many videos and photos online where his hair does look like a toupee.

In August 2015, he invited a woman into the crowd at one of his events to yank on his hair. “I don’t wear a toupee — it’s my hair,” he said.

Whether it’s your own hair or you wear a toupee, it doesn’t matter that much. The most important thing is that you feel confident and comfortable in yourself. It’s a personal choice to cover hair loss by taking medicine, wearing a wig or getting a hair transplant. Many Hollywood stars are wearing hair pieces nowadays and it has become a stylish part of men’s fashion.

My Wedding Day is Close, but I have NO Hair!!!

A wedding day is a monumental life event that should be filled with happiness and bliss as you marry that special person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Of course, it is natural to want to look and feel good in yourself on your wedding day. Nowadays, we see a lot of men starting to lose their hair as early as their 20’s. So, what does this mean for when the time comes for getting married? Will you go to the wedding with baldness or a receding hairline? It is a personal choice to accept balding and it is also a personal choice to seek treatment for hair loss. A wedding day is a special day, so it is important to feel confident and happy in whatever you choose.

There are many hair loss treatments that you can explore if you would like lush hair for your wedding day. If this is the case, it is best to start looking in plenty of time (think a year) so that you have the best possible hair for the big day.

One option to regain your hair is to invest in a hair transplant. You will start to see results in approximately 6-12 months of getting the procedure. It must be noted that hair transplants are an expensive option, and there is a risk of failure.

Another option is medication for hair re-growth. Presently, the most effective oral drug to take for hair loss is Finasteride. Minoxidil is also known to work well as a topical drug. However, whether it is oral or topical, these drugs cannot grow hair in places where hair follicles have died. Essentially, if there is baldness, the drug will have no effect.

Finally, a non-surgical men’s hair system can provide you with a full head of hair in a very short time. It causes no harm to your scalp and you can still try other solutions if you find out this is not for you.

Here is one of our best-sellers Ares men’s hair system.

Ares has French lace in the front and large 2″ skin in the back, with 1/4″ skin sides allowing for easy perimeter cutting and bonding. With the skin structure around the cap base, it allows you to apply and remove easily. The stitching lines in the lace area and the skin structure makes this hair piece durable.

The front lace provides you with the most natural looking hairline and the lace part will be totally breathable, so you won’t feel stuffy even when you sweat a lot. The skin part in the back makes the hair system attach to your head more securely, so there is no need to worry about it falling.

Matthew is wearing this Ares men’s hair system. Can you tell this isn’t his own hair? It looks so natural and well-styled and it can certainly be pulled off at a wedding.

The hair system didn’t look like this at the beginning. It requires a professional hair system stylist to install and cut the hair to look like this.

If you are new to this and want to wear a hair system for your wedding, we recommend starting as early as possible.

Many factors need to be decided before you wear a hair system to your wedding. You should become accustomed to wearing it and learn how to care for it daily and maintain it.

Finding the right specialist stylist, the right hair system and the right bonding methods can take time and may take a few tries before you get your dream look for your wedding, but it IS possible and will give you the results you are looking for.

Contact us at to start your journey with a men’s hair system and get yourself fully prepared for your wedding.

Can A Toupee Look Real?

When people think of a toupee, they might think “old fashioned”, “funny”, “tacky” or “not cool”.

The reality is, a lot has changed in the toupee industry and that stigma of toupees is fading fast. With years of development and the continuous upgrade of technology, nowadays’ toupees have become more fashionable and they are far beyond just a solution for men’s hair loss. Even the name has changed, it’s no longer called “toupee”, now it is known as a men’s hair system, men’s replacement system or a non-surgical hair system.

So, the question should be ‘Can a hair system look real?’ Well, let the truth talk.

These are our customers wearing our LaVivid hair systems. Could you even tell they were wearing a hair system? I bet not.

Every single part of the hair system including the base construction, the hair and the ventilation methods have all been upgraded and made with the most up-to-date techniques. Our hair systems are light and comfortable to wear and you’ll totally forget you’re wearing one. The hair is made of real human hair and it moves just like your own hair would.

Here are two other customers wearing our hair systems. Does their hair look real? You tell me!

Most of the hair systems on the market come in a default size and length, so it is necessary to cut the base to match your balding area and cut the hair to blend in with your existing hair. They will make a certain hairstyle for you.

So the answer is yes. A hair system will look real with the help of a professional hairstylist.

Not all salons can install and style hair systems for you since it requires experience. Don’t worry, we have partnered with hairstylists in many cities in the U.S., so we can recommend you to our partnered salons to get it installed and styled. We are sure that you’ll be satisfied with the result.

Contact us at to get more details.

To Pick A Men’s Wig, Should I Choose European Hair or Normal Human Hair?

I am interested in choosing a men’s wig. When it comes to hair material, which should I pick? European hair or Indian human hair? Today we are going to show you the difference between these two.

euro hair or indian hair
euro hair or indian hair

The Hair Itself

There are many colors available for men’s hair systems, such as black, brown, blonde and more. To accommodate people in different areas in the world. It starts out as black Indian human hair and is then put through a series of processes including an acid bath, bleaching and coloring. The hair looks beautiful but not as strong as it used to be.

On the other hand, European hair has never been through any chemical processes except to just tone the color of the hair. No acid bath, no bleaching. Also, the cuticles are still intact and remain aligned in one direction. Undoubtedly, European hair system will have a longer life span and are less likely to have tangling problems.


Hair Movement

Use your hand to touch and feel the European hair. It feels super silky and soft.

Hold up two hair systems to test the hair movement, one with Indian human hair and the other with European hair. Shake them gently. You will find that the European hair behaves more freely and is bouncier.


Considering all the advantages of European hair, it costs much more than other human hair in the industry. However, it is worth the investment.

Cronus men's half wig
Cronus men’s half wig

This is our Cronus Men’s Hair System. It is crafted with poly skin all over the base and the hair is injected through the base so that there are no knots at all. The hair used for this style is pure unprocessed European hair. This hair will offer a natural hair movement.

Hair Transplant vs. Hair Replacement System

Hair Transplant

A Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure where hair follicles are taken from one part of your scalp where the hair is fuller (usually at the back of your head) and then planted into the hair loss area, which may be in the front hairline or the crown area.

To qualify for a hair transplant, you must have enough healthy hair follicles somewhere on your head that can be transplanted.

The procedure requires 8 to 10 hours of work depending on how much hair needs transplanting. Before the procedure, your head will be shaved and marked with a pen. Then anesthetic will be injected to numb the scalp. Strips of hair follicles will then be taken, dissected and implanted into tiny incisions made in the skin.

Following the surgery, you must take diligent care of the small wounds on your head by regularly disinfecting, avoiding showering (which can be too harsh on the skin), and following the correct cleaning method to prevent inflammation arising. It is normal to see that your pillow is bloodstained in the morning and your head will likely be painful until the wounds have healed.

Hair transplants are not a quick solution. You should allow six months or longer for the hair to grow. Hair follicles that were extracted will leave small scars. Also, there is a slim possibility that the surgery might fail, if this happens, patients can’t have the surgery a second time. There is also a small risk of patients needing to have the implanted hair removed due to poor placement and an unnatural look. Finally, a hair transplant is an expensive option.

 Advantages of Hair Transplants

  • Natural growing hair
  • Improved Self-Confidence
  • Simple procedure with anesthetic
  • Growth continues from the follicle planted

Disadvantages of Hair Transplant

  • Expensive
  • Time to wait for hair growth
  • Scarring
  • Newly transplanted hair will be lost as you age
  • Risk of infections


Hair Replacement System (Non-surgical Solution)

Hair replacement systems nowadays are not like the old-fashioned toupees or men’s wigs you have seen on TV. Hair replacement systems have made great technological progress in recent years and have improved tremendously. The hair is natural human hair and the materials used to make the hair systems are sophisticated.

There are no limits when it comes to matching it your own hair. Many barbers and salons can style the hair replacement system for you, although not all hair stylists can as they often need to go on a training course first. The styling process is important to make the hair look natural.

Advantages of Hair Replacement Systems

  • Instant Result
  • No Surgery
  • Lower cost
  • No Side Effects

Disadvantages of Hair Replacement Systems

  • Upkeep of the hairstyle
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Not your own hair

Before deciding which route to go, consider researching these two solutions in more depth, and you may need to consider your health, hair condition, lifestyle and finances.

Any questions regarding men’s hair systems, please contact us at and our experts will guide you step by step to find the perfect hair for you.

DISCLAIMER: This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your doctor or qualified healthcare professional with questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Pros and Cons of Hair Building Fiber

A few shakes and then your lush hair is back! Sounds like magic. Using Hair building fiber is a quick way to achieve a full head of hair and cover thinning spots in just a few seconds. It also looks very realistic and people cannot tell from a few steps away. Does it work for everybody? Let’s see the pros and cons of the ‘magic’ hair fiber to help you decide whether it is for you.

How does it work?

Hair building fibers, no matter which brand it is, are made from the same protein as real human hair which is Keratin protein. The fibers are charged with static electricity, so they integrate and bond securely with your own hair. They are like a dead ringer for human hair. The hair building fibers will stay in place all day until you wash it or expose it to water.

Pros of Hair Building Fiber

  1. Transform Fine or Thin Hair Instantly

Hair building fibers are popular and readily available online and from many supermarkets. A few shakes can cover the thinning area effectively and quickly. If you are in a rush out the door, you can use it to achieve a full look of hair.

  1. Easy application

You can apply the Hair building fibers yourself in front of the mirror. It doesn’t require much skill. However, practice does make perfect.

  1. Multiple Color Choices

Hair building fibers come in many color options so that you can choose one that matches your hair color.

Cons of Hair Building Fiber

  1. Not for Completely Bald Scalps

For the hair building fiber to work, it must be able to bond with existing hair. If the fiber is applied onto a completely bald scalp, it will only create black power spots.

  1. No water exposure

Hair fibers stay on the head dependably, until you wash your hair or expose it to water. For some brands, the fiber can even turn green when it hits water. Can you imagine getting caught in the rain and the hair fibers start to run down your forehead and neck, etc.

  1. Fuzzy fibers on the pillow

When you wear the fibers to bed, they will inevitably be transferred to your scalp and forehead in leopard-like spots. They will also be transferred to your pillow too.

  1. Irritation and Redness

Different brands have different ingredients. Some brands claim that they are organic and have only pure ingredients. However, irritation and redness can still happen to people with very sensitive scalps or to people allergic to specific ingredients. We recommend checking the ingredients list carefully, as well as carrying out a patch test before you apply the fibers to your full head.

To prevent further irritation, you need to wash your hair regularly to clear the product from the hair and let your scalp breathe.

  1. Inhaling the Fibers 

Many people are concerned that the fibers will penetrate and clog their follicles if they use it on a regular basis. It is also not healthy to breathe in the fibers when applying. So, check the ingredients when you purchase a hair fiber and choose those that are made of natural keratin.

By comparing the pros and cons of using hair building fiber, you can decide whether this product is for you. If you are worried about the side effects of hair fibers, then you can seek other ways to cover hair thinning areas.

How to Conduct A Client Consultation Effectively?

Why client consultation is so important?

The client consultation plays a very important role in building a successful relationship between a hairstylist and a client. An effective consultation is mutual. Not only you get the information you need, but also the client feels heard and understood. It is a process of connecting with our clients in both professional and personal levels. It is suggested that 80% is about hair and 20% about personal. We treat them as a friend. Conversations about their families, love life, and even latest diet can effectively narrow the gap between you two and help your client relax and you will get all the information you need more smoothly.

On the other hand, understanding what our clients really want about their hair is the fundamental factor in order to provide a satisfactory and successful service to our client.

The consultation is different for different clients but we are going to share some general tips to help you conduct a successful consultation.


How to carry out the client consultation?

Attitude is everything

It is important to make our client feel like they are taken very seriously. From the moment they enters the salon, let them feel they are important. If you don’t have a receptionist who can greet them, be sure to acknowledge them and let them know you will be with them in a minute. When it is time for their appointment, greet them by name or introduce yourself.


Ask Questions

Get to know your clients through asking questions about their hair care routine, personal style and what haircut or style they are looking for. A good practice is creating a questionnaire and you can make notes during the consultation and after it is finished, you can keep your client’s file in the salon. Next time when he makes appointments with you again, you can take out his profile and know him in a short time.

Ensuring that your client is happy is one thing but our commitment is to exceed their expectations. Right questions help you get the clearest picture of your client’s expectations thus you can know how to best meet their needs.


A great question to ask is that ‘when was the last time you really loved your hair?’ This is a very powerful question asking people to go back into an experience in their past they really love to talk about. This will immediately relaxes them and make them feel comfortable and start to enjoy the conversation with you. At the same time you listen to them carefully, you should make eye contacts with your clients, respond to them, show that you agree with him, and more. This is really important to let your client feel they are incredibly important and help build your client’s confidence.


Get yourself prepared before your client shows up

A lot of times we’re not giving ourselves the time that we need to think about our customers before they show up. Are you taking the time to pull up client files to look at their purchasing patterns? What they have gotten done over the last three visits? What season are we going into? What could I recommend knowing what I know about my guests that can benefit them if you’re doing those things you’re going to become more grounded and confident.

10 minutes time of preparing yourself to be more empowered and prepared will definitely make a big difference.


Provide Visual aids

‘A picture is worth 1000 words’. This is even more evident when it comes to mens hair system service. For a person who knows little about men’s hair replacement system, if you know them with a series of before-after pictures, he will immediately get the point you are trying to express. Actually with the pictures, you even don’t need to bother convince him into this service.


A productive consultation is at the heart of every successful client/stylist relationship and begins with these basic principles. Each client will communicate differently and as a result, each consultation will look a little different. Additionally, as with all things, practice makes perfect, and the more experience you have providing consultations, the better you will be at them and working with all types of clients.

Would You Date A Bald Man?

Statistics show that nearly 35% of men in the world have or will have hair loss problem in their lives and this number increases to 50% for men who are more than 30 years old. So does a bald man will get dates just same as men who is not bald?

Firstly, let’s see how girls say about this question ‘would you date a bald man?’:

Girl A says:

And to be honest, a man with a receding hairline will not attract me at the first sight. (Rude? Yeah, I know)


Girl B says:

If I were single, probably not, sorry. Everyone has their thing. I wouldn’t want to pass the trait on to my children either so surgery wouldn’t help.

Short? Fat? Imperfect teeth? Diabetic? Nearly blind? Disfigured amputee from an IED explosion? Below average package? Not deal breakers for me.


Girl C says:

I would never marry a bald man. I just don’t like bald men.


Girl D says:

Definitely not. No way.

He’d be a renewable source of embarrassment for me wherever we go. I don’t imagine how I would react when someone laugh at him. Just imagining that drives me crazy.

Moreover, I love stroking hair very much. I can’t afford living without such a charm. Well, how about family photos? Huh, how would I feel when the sunlight reflects on his slippery head and spoils the image?

We have to admit that the first sight is very important for a girl to decide whether to go out with you. Inner beauty is very important too but if you don’t have the first chance, how can you show her your inner beauty?

Nowadays, it is very easy to amend this, to get your hair back. Here at, we are committed to help man who are experiencing hair loss problem restore their hair non-surgically.

Check out our influencers’ before after pictures wearing our hair systems:

hair system before and after
hair system before and after

It is not only a hair change. It is gaining your confidence back. You will feel good about yourself again not only girls. Do you agree? Contact us at to get your perfect hair.