What’s hot in LaVivid Collection?

Marla Robinson recently has shared a review video of Lavivid Liz Wig on her youtube channel. Actually she is the first Youtuber who reviews this Liz Wig on youtube. You can find her review in my post name “UniWigs LaVivid Liz Synthetic Wig Review from Marla” before.

The color that Marla chose for the Liz Wig is Java Shimmered, which matched her skin toned perfectly. She loves this dark color blending with realistic golden highlights. She said that she wished her hair was this color naturally.

Before she reviewed the Liz Wig, she had already reviewed 3 Lavivid Wigs. And She loves all of them, since each of them has their own characteristics. But according to this video, she said the Liz Wig is her favorite wig among all of the lavivid Wigs, because she thinks this Liz Wig has the natural movement that the real hair would have. “The wig isn’t stiff and it can move when the wind is blowing.” said Marla. The Liz is also a perfect wig for tucking. You can tuck either one side or two sides behind your ears just like what Marla did in her youtube video.

We would like to thank Marla Robinson for Sharing such a great review video with us.

If you want short wigs with bangs that look real

So many customer review everyday, as for hot summer day, short wigs is really hot now, especially short wigs with bangs that look real. Today I want specially recommend this natural looking synthetic wigs for you:

I really love this classic Bob Hair Style! I have ordered the color Java-Shimmered, which matches my skin tone perfectly. This wig is lightweight and I felt pretty comfortable wearing it. I love Liz ! — Chloe.Gregor Jun 27, 2017

I have already purchased the Lisa and Patsy. I love both of them. So this time I would like to try this Liz Wig. And Uniwigs LaVivid didn’t let me down. This Stylish Soft Bob, just like my other two LaVivid Wigs, it feels really comfortable and doesn’t look wiggy at all. Good Job Uniwigs! — Teresa.H Jul 01, 2017

UniWigs LaVivid Liz Synthetic Wig Review from Marla

About LIZ:
Unique,yet retro,chin length bob featuring a side swept fringe horizon, angled sides graduated into a tapered nape and stacked layers through the crown to maximize texture and tousled movement.

The precision layering was crafted to add femininity to its boyish length. Just remove from the box, give it a quick shake and a spritz, and finger style for a classic look. This ready-to-wear synthetic wig is a must-have for the busy woman wanting to go casual!

The Liz wig is by far my favorite wig! It fits perfectly, moves and feels like real hair. Love it. — Marla Jun 20, 2017