How To Choose the Perfect Customized Wig for Yourself?

Losing your hair can be the most daunting experience of your life, but you don’t have to keep living like that! Hair replacement systems are not advanced enough to be completely personalized for you, no matter what look you are going for.

It might be intimidating and scary if this is your first time looking for the perfect hair system. Many men opt for a hair system or piece but finding the one that fits you perfectly is life changing. Whether you want a wig for a special occasion or everyday use, it is essential to know some basic tips and tricks to help you choose the perfect hair system. Following are some crucial things that you should know about a hair system before investing in one.




Cap And Base Sizing

Finding a cap that fits your head is crucial if you want to wear a wig comfortably. A wig cap, also known as a cap, is the foundation of a wig and is structured similarly to a baseball hat—the hair strands are linked to the cap, which serves as a shield to prevent scalps from irritation. Take your time while selecting a cap because the kind and size of the cap have a key role in how natural looking your wig will appear.

You can select from various cap styles depending on your preferences, needs, and budget, but you must first consider the size of the base to make an informed decision. The cap won’t fit or will be uncomfortable if it is too small. However, it may slip and look less natural if it’s too big. To ensure an ideal fit for custom hair pieces, you must determine what size fits you best. Lavivid offers a diverse range of bases that lets you explore different options before setting for custom hair pieces.

Cap Measurement

There are three steps to measuring your head: all-around head, the crown of your head and from ear to ear.

Around the Head

Start from one side of the head above your ears and stretch it around. Make sure that the measuring tape is straight and not too stretched.

Crown of the Head

Start from the V-shaped area at your hairline and measure to the back, going along the top of your head. Stop right where the hair meets your neck.

Ear to Ear

Start by putting the measuring tape at the front of your ear and stretch towards another year, going along the top of your head.

Some hats contain straps that you can use to make your wig smaller or larger—typically, by half an inch. If you are in between sizes, go with the smallest size to ensure your wig is secure. If you are unsure about the exact size, remember it’s better for the fit to be snugger than loose for the perfect custom hair pieces.

Cap Types

There are various cap styles available, which you can select based on your wig’s requirements, budget, and scalp sensitivity. Some of the most common choices available at Lavivid are:


These wigs provide the most natural appearance because each strand is knotted to the cap, allowing them to be styled in any way. They are the softest and most breathable, making them ideal for people who are completely bald or have sensitive and irritable scalps.

Front Lace

Lace front caps with natural hairlines are perfect for those who prefer to style their hair away from their faces. It is more fragile because the strands are linked to the lace front. Even though there one of the most popular choices out there, they are a bit sensitive when worn by someone with a very active lifestyle.


These hair pieces are one of the most common and popular choices due to their natural and undetectable appearance. It might be the perfect choice for you if you live in a particularly cold atmosphere and less humidity.

Open Cap

If keeping to a tight budget is important, an open cap or open weft is cheap and highly durable. Since the hair in these hair systems is tugged at the roots, it gives appearance of a thicker volume. Thanks to the air ventilation provided by the open-weft design, it’s a great option for warmer climates with high humidity.

Human vs Synthetic

When it comes to custom hair pieces, you will have to choose from two basic options. Human hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs. Both options have pros and cons, and choosing the perfect fit depends on your particular situation, circumstances, budget, and atmosphere.

Human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair, but it provides the most natural-looking hairpieces and allows you to modify your hairstyle. They might lose their styled appearance when washed, but styling tools and cosmetics can be used on them for styling purposes.

On the other hand, synthetic hair systems might be able to retain their shape for a long time, but they are less natural looking as compared to real hair wigs. They are also tricky when using styling tools since excessive heat, bleaching, and chemical can ruin the synthetic hair. They require extra gentleness when it comes to washing and cleaning, or they might end up tangled.


Choose The Correct Style for Yourself!

Not every style is made for you! Remember to try out different options and styles before you settle for a hairpiece. You can experience various colours, lengths, densities, and volumes for the perfect combination. Lavivid offers the best services when it comes to custom hair pieces. We offer a wide range of bases, hair quality and colours to ensure you can personalize the perfect hair replacement system for yourself!

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