Men’s Hair Systems: Your Entryway with the Hair System Starter Kit Package

Are you trying to change your hairdo and feel better about the way you look? Men’s hair systems are a fantastic option for people who are battling hair loss or want to try a fresh look. The Lavivid Hair System Starter Kit Package is the ideal place to start if you’re new to hair systems. The advantages of men’s hair systems, the outstanding products offered by Lavivid, and how the Hair System Starter Kit Package can serve as your comprehensive introduction to hair systems will all be covered in this article.

The Development of Male Hair Systems

Men often worry about losing their hair since it lowers their confidence and sense of self. Men’s hair systems have been a well-liked and practical response to this problem. Hair systems, as opposed to conventional wigs, are made to meld invisibly with your own hair, giving you a natural appearance.

Over time, hair systems have changed greatly, providing a variety of solutions to accommodate various hair kinds, styles, and preferences. They offer a less intrusive, less expensive, and less invasive alternative to hair restoration operations.

Presenting Lavivid, a Global Leader in Men’s Hair Systems

Lavivid is a respected and market-leading brand in the field of men’s hair systems. They provide a wide range of men’s hair systems of the highest quality. The excellent materials and great attention to detail used in Lavivid’s hair systems guarantee a natural-looking appearance and a snug fit.

The use of human hair, which offers a natural texture and movement that can be styled much like your own hair, is one of the major benefits of Lavivid’s hair systems. They also provide solutions for synthetic hair that are simple to maintain and just as realistic.

The advantages of the starter kit for the Hair System

The Hair System Starter Kit Package is a great place to get started for people who are new to men’s hair systems. This complete set comes with everything you need to start using hair systems:

High-quality hair system from Lavivid’s collection is included in the bundle. To find the ideal match for your natural hair, you can select from a number of styles, colors, and hair types.

glue: The starter kit includes premium glue that makes sure your hair system is attached securely and permanently. The adhesive is designed specifically for use on the scalp and offers a dependable and comfortable hold.

Cleanser and Remover: Maintaining your hair system properly is crucial for its durability and effectiveness. A cleaner and a remover are included in the packaging to maintain your hair system clean and fresh as well as to properly remove the glue as needed.

Accessory package: The starting package comes with a set of necessary equipment for attaching and maintaining a hair system. Everything you require is included in this package to make sure your experience is easy and hassle-free.

Lavivid Hair System Beginner’s Guide: Getting Started

It’s simple and exciting to begin your trip with Lavivid’s hair system. Here is a step-by-step instruction sheet to get you going:

Consultation: Look through Lavivid’s selection of hair systems by visiting their website beforehand. If you’re unclear which hair system will work best for your hair type and style, Lavivid offers a virtual consultation to help you make your decision.

Order your starter kit after choosing your hair system by clicking the link provided. You will receive everything you need to start using hair systems in this complete kit.

Application: After receiving your initial package, it’s time to put your hair system in place. Use the premium adhesive as directed and the accompanying instructions to firmly connect your hair system.

Regular maintenance is essential for the durability and effectiveness of your hair system. To maintain the health of your hair system and keep it looking young and bright, adhere to the recommended instructions.

You can comfortably style your new hair system to look just like your natural hair now that it is in place. To get the desired look, use the tools and styling products that you want.


Men’s hair systems are a fantastic way to change your style and deal with hair loss. The Hair System Starter Kit Package from Lavivid offers a thorough and practical approach to start using hair systems. Lavivid assures that you can confidently begin this exciting new chapter of hair restoration and style enhancement with premium hair systems and necessary accessories. Take the first step toward a revitalized and confident version of yourself with Lavivid’s Hair System Starter Kit Package. Don’t let hair loss affect your confidence any more.


Launched in 2016, LaVivid line is a high-end wig collection of UniWigs. Wigs can turn your hairstyle up a notch for any occasion.
Whether you are looking for a long layered wigs or a short pixie cut wig with or without bangs, UniWigs offers the most chic and elegant styles you want.

Today, I want to talk about the fate that Sandy meet LaVivid Carrie Lace Front Synthetic Wig. Sandy is a fashion and beauty blogger. She is elegant and charming even she is over 50-year-old. She creates the on trend fashion for women over 50. Gorgeous hair gives beauty its power. A fashionable layered short hair is what Sandy’s usual hairstyle, she never tried a long hair like Carrie. So, when she got the invitation from UniWigs, here is what she said:

lavivid review
lavivid review

“I agreed to review the wig because I know a lot of mature women struggle with thinning hair and even hair loss and some balding issues. If I could help even just one beautiful woman struggling with any type of hair issue, It would certainly be worth the effort.”

Here is what’s her original intention to help more people with hair problems. A really beautiful and warm-hearted woman, isn’t she?

lavivid review 1
lavivid review 1

When she got the Carrie wig and tried on, she said:

“The Carrie wig is a bit longer than I am personally comfortable in wearing but it is a beautiful wig for someone who might be a bit younger and loves long hair. Uniwigs has many styles from short to very long, and everything in between. I thought the wig they sent me was very high in quality, and it was comfortable when I had it on.”

Anyway, Sandy is highly recommend UniWigs Carrie Wig. If you want to know more how she said Carrie and UniWigs Lavivid collection, please check on her blog:

Carrie Lace Front Synthetic Wig:

UniWigs Lavivid Collection:

Things you don’t know about LaVivid Wigs 2

As a new designer brand wigs, LaVivid Wigs has the official SNS(social Network Site ) websites too. Although few women over 40+ have SNS, such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, maybe many of them like blog than SNS, but we still want to try our best to reach as more as possible women who need wigs in synthetic but high quality and chic design.






The Lace front Carrie Wig

AS we all knew, there are lots of big fans for UniWigs Carrie Wigs. So UnWigs recently has decided to launch its New Carrie Wig, the Lace front Carrie Wig. And Tiffany luckily becomes the first YouTube who reviewed this New Carrie Wig on her YouTube channel.

The big difference between the New Carrie Wig and the Normal Carrie wig is the Front Lace, which can allow you to create the realistic parting line and also make the hairline look really natural.

In Tiffany’s review video, she did glue down the lace front Carrie Wig. In order to make the Carrie look more natural, she also put some concealer to hair parting line. But like what Tiffany said in the video, the lace front Carrie has a very Natural looking and you don’t need to do much plugging or tweezing work for it. As we all know, the Carrie wig is so versatile that we can create many hairstyles with it. So in the review video Tiffany also demonstrated how to play with the Lace front Carrie Wig.

We would like to thank Tiffany for posting such an amazing review video on the YouTube.

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What’s hot in LaVivid Collection?

Marla Robinson recently has shared a review video of Lavivid Liz Wig on her youtube channel. Actually she is the first Youtuber who reviews this Liz Wig on youtube. You can find her review in my post name “UniWigs LaVivid Liz Synthetic Wig Review from Marla” before.

The color that Marla chose for the Liz Wig is Java Shimmered, which matched her skin toned perfectly. She loves this dark color blending with realistic golden highlights. She said that she wished her hair was this color naturally.

Before she reviewed the Liz Wig, she had already reviewed 3 Lavivid Wigs. And She loves all of them, since each of them has their own characteristics. But according to this video, she said the Liz Wig is her favorite wig among all of the lavivid Wigs, because she thinks this Liz Wig has the natural movement that the real hair would have. “The wig isn’t stiff and it can move when the wind is blowing.” said Marla. The Liz is also a perfect wig for tucking. You can tuck either one side or two sides behind your ears just like what Marla did in her youtube video.

We would like to thank Marla Robinson for Sharing such a great review video with us.

Jill’s Review on Lavivid Carrie Synthetic Wig

Jill Ramirez recently has reviewed our Carrie Synthetic Wig and shared this review video on her Youtube Channel Jill Lynn Beauty Therapy.

The Color of the Carrie Wig Jill has reviewed is the Almond-Frost, ashy blond highlight with dark beige blond. And Jill thinks this color is nicely done and looks very natural.

In the Review video, Jill was super excited about the hair length of the Carrie Wig. And She also really loves the long layered hairstyle of it. As we all know, there is perm tease around crown area of the Carrie Synthetic wig. Jill thinks that is very necessary to have the perm tease for the Carrie Wig, since the Perm Tease can help lift the roots of the fiber and keep it away from the cap so as to hold the hairstyle of this long layered wig. Jill also taught us a little trick in order to make the Carrie Wig look more natural. She pushed the wig back a little bit so she can see her own hairline. And then she pulled out some of her own hair with a tooth brush around the perimeter of the entire wig and blend it with the hair of the wig.

And then Jill wore the Carrie Wig outside to let you guys see what the hair color really looks like under the natural sunlight. Actually Jill did give lots of compliments to this Almond Frost Hair Color. In the end of the Review, Jill has also created different hairstyles with Carrie Wig so that we can see what a versatile long wig it is.

We would like to thank Jill for making such an Amazing Review Video on Lavivid Carrie Wig.

Lavivid “Jenny” Wig Review| Almond Frost

Hi friends, I do believe that this is my current favorite wig. Mike even really loves it too!

Pros: Monotop, Silky hair fibers, Great style/cut, Easy to tuck behind the ears, Minimal shine and shedding, lightweight, Tangle-Free (even after wearing everyday and washing and styling)

Cons: Densely packed lace-front hairline, could use just a bit of permatease at the crown.

It is a lace-front, and the lace is super soft (swiss lace), but I have seen better hairlines with lace. Tweezing some out can and will make a difference if it bothers you.

I wore this wig for 7 days in a row, and washed it and even steam-styled it a few times and the wig held up extremely well! It really is a great wig, and I will definitely be buying another one!

Specific measurements:
Fringe: 7.5″
Crown: 7.5″
Top: 9.0″
Nape: 2.0″
Sides: 6.5 ”
Weight: 3 ounces

Thanks for Almond Frost‘s share, you can find more videos about synthetic wigs for hair loss by click her name.


Welcome to TAZ‘s Wig Closet! Today, I bring you a look at Patsy by Uniwigs/Lavivid Collection in Macadamia. The color is reminiscent of the lovely Silky Sand by Tressallure or Champagne R by Noriko Patsy is a super lightweight, cute pixie cut with unique razored shaggy layers with very little permatease!!
Love, TAZ

Thanks for TAZ’S share, and you can find many LaVivid reviews on UniWigs YouTube channel named @uniwigs.