The Lace front Carrie Wig

AS we all knew, there are lots of big fans for UniWigs Carrie Wigs. So UnWigs recently has decided to launch its New Carrie Wig, the Lace front Carrie Wig. And Tiffany luckily becomes the first YouTube who reviewed this New Carrie Wig on her YouTube channel.

The big difference between the New Carrie Wig and the Normal Carrie wig is the Front Lace, which can allow you to create the realistic parting line and also make the hairline look really natural.

In Tiffany’s review video, she did glue down the lace front Carrie Wig. In order to make the Carrie look more natural, she also put some concealer to hair parting line. But like what Tiffany said in the video, the lace front Carrie has a very Natural looking and you don’t need to do much plugging or tweezing work for it. As we all know, the Carrie wig is so versatile that we can create many hairstyles with it. So in the review video Tiffany also demonstrated how to play with the Lace front Carrie Wig.

We would like to thank Tiffany for posting such an amazing review video on the YouTube.

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